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How to Separate a Professional Offering Affordable SEO Services from a Faker

Nowadays, it seems that anyone can just venture in the SEO business. Everyone who has knowledge in search engine optimization can start offering the services. Even if they are not experts at it, they can just look for clients and improve their SEO skills along the way. While there may be some SEO specialists who get lucky with that kind of work ethics, there are those who will cause problems for their clients. In fact, when all hell breaks loose, they are the first to run away and never to be heard again.

seo designIf you are searching for an SEO professional can offer you affordable SEO services, then you have to be as meticulous as possible when making a choice. You do not just pick the first professional who offers a cheap SEO service. You must only pick an SEO professional with a price you can afford after checking some qualifications. Otherwise, you will end up dealing with an SEO faker who cannot do anything right.

Separating the SEO professional from the SEO faker should not be a difficult job. As long as you are careful in who you choose, you should be able to pick a good professional to take care of your search engine optimization needs.

Here are some of the best tips to take into account when you want to separate the SEO professional from the SEO faker.

First of all, it is imperative that you pay close attention to how much they will charge you with. There are times when an SEO professional offers you affordable SEO services. However, the price is considerably lower than what the leading SEO companies offers. The reason for the low price might be because the SEO professional just wants to bring in clients and they will just make it up in terms of profit through volume. For such SEO professionals, be prepared for them to not meet the deadline. To meet a client’s SEO needs, a professional must spend time on actually doing SEO. If the professional’s plate is too full, there will come a time when the deadlines clash and your request will not be met.

Confirm the website. Check the professional’s URL and use their contact form just to confirm that the said URL is really their official URL. You may also check on the SEO professional’s website ranking to see if they are at a good rank. It is easier to trust in a professional with a website that ranks high in search engines.

The website should have an ABOUT page. This page contains details regarding the SEO professional and services offered. You must learn more about the said professional by reading what is written in the ABOUT page. If you are also browsing through the professional’s website, you can figure out his or her quality of work through the website content.

Research the SEO professional thoroughly by checking on their social media platforms. The social media accounts can provide you with an insight on what other people think about this particular SEO professional. Most of the time, complaints and praises regarding the professional’s services can be found in social media. These reviews are useful for you to verify the professional’s quality of work.

Engage these SEO professionals in a thorough chat through Skype. Do not forget to prepare questions such as what techniques or strategies will be used for search engine optimization. You should ask as many questions as you can think of. If the professional can answer these questions promptly and professionally, then it should be worth trusting this professional with your SEO needs.

The professional to hire should be someone with certification. One of the certifications you will want to check is the Google AdWord certification. This certification is a professional accreditation Google offers to those individuals demonstrating proficiency both in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. Those who have a Google AdWord certification can easily demonstrate to their current and prospective clients that they are certified online advertising professionals. They also have a Google Partners public profile page.

There are also some dead giveaways that one has to be attentive to. These dead giveaways are factors that can raise a red flag immediately toward a certain SEO professional. With these dead giveaways, immediately crash out that professional from the list of SEO professionals you are choosing. Some examples of these dead giveaways include not replying at a reasonable time, lots of complaints received regarding this professional, and so on.

These are just the basic things that you have to check, especially when you plan to outsource your SEO needs. If you can, you might want to consider going for a reputable SEO consulting agency instead of looking for an SEO professional. That way, you can ensure that there is an effective marketing strategy applied for your website. In case you cannot afford a consulting agency just yet, then be sure you pick the best SEO professional possible.