Can an Expensive Set of Golf Clubs Really Up Your Game?

Taylormade Golf ClubsSo you and your friend decided to play the 18 holes. You accept the friendly match, have a good game, and at the end of the day, you are beaten by your friend by 3 strokes. So close! You know that you have more than a beginner’s skill and knowledge of the game, but that the only difference between you and your friend is that you have a set of irons that you got on sale for less than a hundred dollars, while your friend has a shiny new set of Taylor made golf clubs.The question is, does the equipment really make a difference?

Yes and No

The short answer is that yes, more expensive equipment makes a difference, but no, probably not in the way you would expect it. You see, most beginner golfers have the impression that golf is simply whacking a golf ball as hard as you can and letting the clubs do the rest, but golf is actually more than that. Successful golfing requires precision and skill, in the way that you would have to know the strength of your strokes and the mechanical, almost automatic graceful curve of your pivot for every situation on the green, fairway, or putt. That kind of skill takes years to master, even if you are a golfing prodigy, and there is no way that even the most expensive Taylor made golf clubs will give you that kind of advantage.

Taylormade golf BallOn the other hand, better equipment does give you a certain kind of advantage. Make no mistake about it – there is a reason why seasoned or professional golf players use state of the art golf clubs instead of those you will see on the discounted display in Wal-Mart. A better set of equipment might give you a hair or two in terms of advantage at most, but in a sport like golf, most of the times, a hair is the only thing that separates the victor from the loser.


So, what can expensive Taylor made golf clubs do to your game? If you are a beginner, it would not matter if you wielded a beginner’s iron, a professional iron, or a wooden stick. Beginners with no sense of skill or personal physical control will do badly no matter what kind of golf club they handle. However, for those who have had experience or lessons with the game and how to execute strokes properly, expensive irons or golf clubs will give them the advantage based on their physical skills and capabilities. In other words, expensive gold clubs that were crafted with ergonomic design will only enhance the inherent skills that the golfer has.

Taylormade golf bagTake for instance the starting swing. For most players, sending the ball as near to the hole as you can on the first swing is the goal, but no matter how strong you smack the golf ball, you can only do so much with a beginner’s club, even if you have the posture and the strength part down pat. Using a more expensive golf club will give you a slight advantage, as the manufacturers have engineered their equipment to give the ball an extra push, so to speak. Whether it is because of the club’s angle, or the lightness of the shaft, an expensive golf club will enhance your powerful swing to fly that dimpled ball closer to the hole – but it will not perform miracles if you swung badly.

Better Skills; Better Equipment

So, should you skip on those discounted clubs and splurge on more expensive goods, or should you skimp on the pricey stuff and settle for less? The answer depends on how committed you are to golfing. If you are someone who just gulfs once or twice a year for fun, then spending hundreds of dollars on a premium golf set is not very wise. However, if you truly love the sport and if you would like to continue to train and hone your skills, then save up for more expensive professional clubs like Taylor made golf irons, because the slight edge they can give your strokes might just be what you need to win the game.


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